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• Comfort for visitors
- Free parking
- Informative tools in French and English (map, panels...)
- Strollers are on loan (subject to availability)
- Drinking water in free access
- Various catering options are available inside the park: the Panoramic Restaurant, the Giraffe’s camp and five snack bars.
- Our toilets are equipped with baby-changing facilities.
- Baby bottles can be warmed up in the microwaves at our various catering outlets.
- Pushchairs are accepted in the park.

• Access for disabled visitors
Specific accommodation helps the sites’ accessibility to persons with disabilities:
- a lift ensures the access to the upper level of the park
- wheelchairs are on loan (subject to availability)
- braille writing print tables describe partially-sighted visitors the BIOPARC’s layout and the animals’ prints.

• Picnic
Picnics are not allowed within the park. A great area with tables and benches can be found just outside the zoo. Before going out of the zoo, remember to have your wrist stamped: you will be able to get back inside all along the day.

• Domestic animals / Pets
Domestic animals are not allowed in the park for sanitary and security reason.